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Whether you are sailing a small open style motor boat or one of the latest surprising new yachts, you will have complete freedom to visit and stop in the most appealing beaches, most fashionable locations or in the coves that inspire you the most.

The peak summer season is in July and August, while Sardinia offers exceptional seasonality for yacht chartering starting from April until the end of October. From North to South from the hinterland to the coast, Sardinia hides breathtaking spots and offers exciting experiences. 

The vibrant life of the Costa Smeralda - Emerald Cost - in the Northeastern coast of Sardinia, its emerald sea and elegant resorts, are the excellence of a high quality tourist offer, known all over the world. The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari, on the southern coast, in the Gulf of the Angels, a town rich in Hispanic architecture which is also the expression of the Mediterranean feel that offers history and art, sea and parks, comfort and good food. Cagliari is a town with a friendly atmosphere with an endless number of bars, bistros, and excellent restaurants able to offer a wine and gastronomic journey for true connoisseurs. From North to South from the Costa Smeralda to Cagliari, Sardinia offers a wide range of luxury yachts for the holiday style that inspires you the most. The town of Cagliari is full of shopping streets and panoramic terraces, including the majestic Bastion of Santa Croce, where you can spend romantic evenings after burning sunsets. Cagliari is the main and most populated city on the island.



The destinations you've always dreamed of visiting are in your hands. However, holidays on a private yacht are all different and depend on the style you are looking for and the places that inspire you the most. With a few suggestions, we will help you to match your ideal yacht with the itinerary you wish to plan.

Romazzino drone


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, about 270 km long from north to south and just 6 miles / 12 km away from Corsica.

Thanks to its strategic location in the center of the West Mediterranean and to over 250 days of sunshine a year, Sardinia is undoubtedly an ideal destination perfectly set along the route of the yacht charter itineraries of the Western and Eastern Mediterranean.

Among the many striking destinations of Sardinia, the Maddalena Archipelago, made up of over 60 islands, is absolutely worth a visit. Whether you are inspired by a relaxing family vacation in simple contact with natural wonders or are looking for exhilarating opportunities for diving, snorkelling and water sports, in this part of the Mediterranean you will find it all. The Maddalena Archipelago is inserted in the same geographical area as the Costa Smeralda. Its heart, Porto Cervo, is the destination of the most luxurious yachts that stop in the equipped harbors of some of the most vibrant and exclusive resorts in the Mediterranean such as Porto Cervo, the pearl and the glamour center of the Costa Smeralda, home of the summer nightlife, design, art , fashion and the main center of a wide selection of starred restaurants; the lovely Porto Rotondo, with its jewelers, artisan shops and boutiques; Poltu Quatu (Marina dell'Orso) full of restaurants, shopping promenades, bars and clubs; the traditional port of La Maddalena, in the heart of the park, close to the enchanting island of Caprera, the second largest island in the archipelago.



Porto Cervo is one of the international jet-set summer destinations and the true heart of the Emerald Coast - "Costa Smeralda". Exclusive parties and the ultimate shining yachts liven up every evening and night of the Coast. It is not difficult to feel attracted by the combination of the natural wonders of its coastline, of la La Maddalena Arcipelago Nat.l Park with the magical sunset vibrations in the most exclusive venues. All, in fact, pass at least once from Porto Cervo. The most renowned brands are present in Costa Smeralda with their flagship stores, art galleries, showrooms, clubs, restaurant, hotels, SPA and much more.

porto cervo sardinia


In this ancient island, in addition to numerous local dialects, "Sardo" is still the language spoken, overcoming the barrier of its millenary history. For food connoisseurs, the unspoiled and generous seas of Sardinia offer the freshest selection of seafood, typical products of simple Mediterranean cuisine. In the hinterland of the island, it is worth discovering some of the typical traditions of the local food and wine culture and crafts that are handed down from generation to generation by skilled artisans.


One of the events that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, is called Cortes Apertas (literally "open courtyards"). It takes place on weekends between September and December in 27 municipalities of the Province of Nuoro. Every week, in a different municipality, the historic houses of the town open their courtyards and a food and wine and artistic journey takes place. Inside the different courtyards, traditional crafts are represented, while folkloristic shows of dances and popular songs are set up in the town squares.

sea costa smeralda
la maddalena island national park



The extraordinary beauty of this archipelago has always struck the attention of visitors from all over the world. One of the destinations you definitely don't want to miss is the Island of La Maddalena where the clear blu water is worth a swim. Wether you are departing from the Marina dell’Orso - ( Poltu Quatu) or from Porto Cervo, cruising alongside the Island of Caprera, just past the northern end, the mother of all the islands will stand out in front of you: La Maddalena. 

The East Side of La Maddalena, as well as the West coast of Caprera Island, are definitely  worth a visit for swim and relax: Cala Garibaldi (in the island of Caprera) and Giardinelli (La Maddalena Island) are among some of the most attractive spots located in the straight between the Islands of La Maddalena  and Caprera.


the pink beach


Budelli Island



Caprera is the second largest Island of the National Park of La Maddalena Archipelago. After your first morning swim and some relax in the turquoise waters of the Costa Smeralda, a must see destination is the Island of Caprera and her breathtaking Cala Napoletana, Cala Caprese and Cala Serena. You can't definitely miss the gorgeous clear blu waters of Cala Coticcio and its white sandy beach, also known as "Tahiti". While at anchor, you will be able to admire, and why not, walk along the incredible coastal setting of her massive flat rocks carved by the hand of nature. Kids will love to safely dive or play in the turquoise shallow waters.


caprera island
cala di volpe bay


Porto Cervo

Cala corsara



Spargi rises in front of the western coasts of La Maddalena and is the third largest island in the Archipelago National Park. A little to the west stands the rock of Spargiottello and its 'shoal' cut in two by a sandy canyon, a diving paradise. The backdrops are all amazing,

Spargi offers its most surprising beauties especially in the southern and eastern sides, with beaches of very fine and white sand. The turquoise reflections of Cala Corsara, the crystalline brightness of Cala Soraya, Cala Conneri and Cala Granara will leave you breathless. The coves embraced by the rocks shaped by the wind and the vegetation that reaches the shore are enchanting.

sardinia sea



They are the three northernmost islands of those that make up the Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

The pearls of the far north of Sardinia, the closest to the Strait of Bonifacio, on the border with Corsica. Santa Maria, together with the other two splendid islands of Razzoli and Budelli, represents one of the destinations not to be missed. From Santa Maria you can easily go to nearby Razzoli, 'walking on the sea' crossing the "Passo degli Asinelli", a strip of sand at the bottom of just half a meter of water. White sand, fine and soft like talcum powder, crystal clear turquoise waters, a small corner of paradise accessible only by boat. The spectacular beach "Spiaggia del Cavaliere" overlooks Porto della Madonna, a spectacular stretch of water enclosed between Budelli and the nearby 'twin' islands of Razzoli and Santa Maria. The particular positioning between the three islands protects it from strong currents, creating a real natural pool, with incredible transparency and emerald color.

razzoli santa maria e budelli
Rolex cup

From the deck of your yacht you will always

be in the front row!

Don't miss the chance to join the most spectacular phases of these unique events!

From May to September, Porto Cervo and the waters of the Costa Smeralda become the setting for some of the most prestigious international sailing competitions. Perini Navi, Baltic Yachts, Nautor's Swan, Wally Yachts are just some of the most renowned boatyards that, with their maxy yachts, give life to exciting challenges running at full sail.

The Costa Smeralda offers a breathtaking frame, in addition to the challenging and diversified navigation conditions to the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, one of the greatest events of the sailing season in the Mediterranean. The first Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup has been disputed in Sardinia in 1980, with the name of Maxi World Championship. Born for the will of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and its President, S.A. Aga Khan, today this regatta is one of the most expected appointments of the year which attracts  a large audience and a great fleet of majestic yachts. The 2018 signed the 29th edition of the event and has also included the renowned Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship.

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