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Charter Management

Yacht Charter Management

An accurate charter management program of your yacht, offers the opportunity to offsetting your investment, running costs, risks and, why not, to earn revenues. A charter management program is an agreement based on a mutual commercial relationship between owners and the charter company.

The wide selection of the most renowned destinations in the Mediterranean allows offsetting the operating costs of your yacht through different types of charter management programs.

Charter Management Programs

Income Sharing Management Model

The most common scheme, is based on an income sharing model. Net revenues are shared between the charter company and the owner,  at average rates of 65-70 % in favor of the owner and 35-30 % in favor of the "Central Agency". With this model, all running costs are borne by the owner and the revenues depend on the performances achieved during the charter season. 

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Full Management Program

This model is suitable for those who are interested in purchasing a yacht to offer for chartering with a guaranteed ROI and without being involved in its running costs and risks. This flexible scheme allows you to appoint a charter company that finances all or part of the running costs of your yacht on your behalf, while still being able to enjoy your boat for some periods of the sailing season. Your earnings are guaranteed regardless of the outcome of the charter season.

Tasks of the Charter Company

Yacht Charter Management
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