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Spectra Yacht and its team will ensure the efficiency of your yacht to its full potential, planing and following the necessary care and the scheduled maintenance programs, whether the use of your yacht is for charter or private purposes. Successful positioning of your yacht in the luxury charter market and the performance of a specific charter program will also be achieved thanks to the technical reliability of the yacht, to its appearance and to the reputation of its crew.

Yacht operations:

Spectra Yacht's management programs are flexible and suitable to offer tailor-made assistance to any specific needs of the Owner. Our aim is to provide the necessary support to ensure the efficiency of your yacht to its full potential. The selection of the

yacht operator

crew, compliance with current regulations, the choice of the most suitable and convenient insurance coverage and the preparation of your yacht for the next launch are just some of the operations that Spectra Yacht Team and its partners will carry out for you for a total mind free management of your Yacht

yacht park

For a mind free management of your yacht, the Spectra Yacht  team will carry out the supervision of your boat during its yard time.

yacht parking
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