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The starting point of your charter yacht is Naples, port of Mergellina. Before leaving and start your cruise, we recommend a visit to the city of Naples. Excursions can be organized in the historic area, to discover the alleys, legends and Neapolitan gastronomy. In the evening, you can go ashore for a drink or an elegant fish dinner on the seafront of Mergellina. After a day in the city, you will leave the harbour to the island of Procida, with its narrow streets and houses leaning against each other, with bright colors, immersed in the scent of prickly pears and orchards. Procida is full of bays and coves, such as the beaches of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella, with crystal clear waters, or like the Porto Vecchio beach and the Chiaia beach, with shallow waters ideal for children on board. Then you can leave for Ischia, where you can continue the day at the beach at the Maronti. You can spend the evening in the ancient fishing village of Sant’Angelo, which is the real jewel of the Island of Ischia and is famous for its square, its narrow streets and its particular charm. Your yacht can be moored at. anchor in the harbor.

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The second day of your charter can start in Ischia, waking up with a fantastic swim over looking and surrounded by the typical traditional coast line. After having had lunch on board, in the late afternoon it is worth a nice visit to the Island town center where you can have dinner in one of the several recommended restaurants that your crew will suggest and reserve in advance. The harbour of Ischia is a pleasant and lively spot where to spend the night.





The third day of your charter can start leading to Capri where to start the day with a fantastic swim looking at the Faraglioni and where is worth a visit to the Grotta Azzurra; you can have lunch either at anchor or in the harbour under the Faraglioni and then go ashore to reach, by funicular, the famous Piazzetta, sit at Tiberio’s bar and continue the evening in one of the trendy clubs. In this breathtaking corner of charm, right in front of Capri, is the Amalfi Coast, among lemon and orange groves and rocks full of colours of the Mediterranean bush. All around the island is full of natural wonders and the beautiful waters are the perfect setting for you and your guests and family where to stop for some water sports activities and snorkelling. The night in Positano is among the most charming on the coast.





In the morning you can reach Nerano, a beautiful bay for lovers of the wild nature. In Marina del Cantone there are many restaurants where you can taste many local specialties. In a short time you can reach Positano where you can spend on your yacht the 4th day of your journey , while relaxing, shopping, walking and diving. After a shopping tour among the shops of the charming town, you can get back on board and leave for a trip to the three islands of Li Galli, which are located right in front of Positano. The larger island is home of Villa Le Corbusier, which is residency where Rudolf Nureyev spent the last period of his life.





 On the 5th day of sailing, you will discover the beauty of Amalfi, the main center of the Amalfi coast. The first beach you will see is the “Vite”, which is located 4 km from the city center, at the border with the village of Conca dei Marini. Then you can reach Amalfi, where you are welcome to discover the beauties of the city, an ancient maritime republic, famous for its splendid Arabic-Sicilian style cathedral, today dedicated to Sant’Andrea, the patron saint of the city. You can wander around the charming alleys before returning to your yacht and continue towards the splendid Vietri sul Mare, nestled between the hills and the sea, famous for its ceramics. Vietri is home to typical farmhouses turned into «agriturismi» where you can have lunch after a happy day at the beach, as well as some very popular restaurants where you can taste the most delicious dishes of Campania cuisine. Night in Amalfi and experience the charming local culture of this enchanting town nestled on the rocky coast, where to spend the night.





From Amalfi is time to lead to the world’s famous location of Sorrento: Sorrento, perched on the hill that presides over the Sorrentine Peninsula, is one of Campania’s most enchanting spots. The square features the baroque Chiesa del Carmine and Palazzo Correale, as well as Grand Hotel Vittoria, a historical resort that once welcomed Richard Wagner and Oscar Wilde. Just like then, today this resort offers its guests a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Sorrento’s authentic heart beats in the fishermen settlement of Marina Grande, a town within the town, enclosed by the ruins of old walls. Once the seat of the shipyards where the typical Sorrentine skiffs were made, it has turned into a gourmet spot with restaurants offering an ample choice of local dishes in an atmosphere that takes you back in time. It also sports 200 meters of volcanic beach.





The last day aboard your yacht starts with a fresh and regenerating breakfast. Just before returning to Naples, cruising, relaxing and enjoying the typical coast line and natural wonders of the Golfo di Napoli. Your experience will end at the port of Mergellina in Naples, where you can have one last aperitif just before leaving your yacht and say goodbye to you Crew.

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