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The greatest variety of the most exhilarating destinations and the highest number of routes that charter yachts cross each summer, is in the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the popularity of the Mediterranean, its exclusive resorts, breathtaking natural wonders and well-equipped marinas along its coasts, the selection of crewed yachts available for your memorable luxury floating holiday is among the largest in the world.


The main locations where the most renowned and attractive yachts of the whole Mediterranean are available, are the French Riviera, Monaco, Italy and Sardinia, Spain and the Balearic Islands, Croatia and Greece. The whole Mediterranean basin, from the West to the Far East, is scattered with an endless number of towns and marinas, different cultures, traditions and landscapes. The locations along the coasts of the Mediterranean and those of the Northern European Seas offer a combination of surprising itineraries, tailor-made to best fit the holiday style you wish to plan.

While the peak of the summer seasonality is focused on the months of July and August, the climate offers comfortable temperatures and sunny days from April to October. The shoulder months, in addition to offering pleasant and mild weeks of good weather, allow you to enjoy your favorite destinations with a much lower tourist presence than during peak months. The sea temperature reaches its maximum warmth in September offering an ideal condition for swimming and diving until October.

As many of the most popular destinations can only be reached by boat, a yacht vacation is undoubtedly the best way to visit the most exclusive and attractive locations scattered along the coasts of the seas around the world. The first-class services offered by the enthusiasm of the crews of the most prestigious yachts will make your stay on board one of the most unforgettable experiences ever. With the support of a consultant from our charter team, we will help you design your 5-star floating holiday and combine it with the style of vacation that most inspires you. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday together with your family or if you feel attracted to a dynamic holiday, full of sporting activities and exciting experiences, our team will work closely with you to guide you in choosing your favorite yacht and planning all your preferences before your arrival.

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