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Spectra Yacht

Yacht Marketing

We always keep an eye on it.

While you are not on board, your yacht will generate incomes offsetting owners running costs.

A close-knit crew, a strategic yacht marketing plan and the reputation of your yacht's profile are what will set it within a high-level international audience. Whether you want to offer your yacht for long term charter programs or just for the time you are not on board, you can decide for the plan that suits you best.

Tasks of the Charter Company

Yachts are like a brand: to be successfully placed in the luxury charter market, they must achieve their renown.

To gain the right attention and global recognition, your yacht must increase its reputation, and go through a real Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation process to provide reliability and a high sales value over time. Depending on the type of yacht you want to introduce to the charter market, the destinations where your yacht will operate and the goals you want to achieve, Spectra Yacht has the necessary skills, staff and partnerships to develop a targeted strategy to achieve yours expectations and improve the visibility of your yacht.

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