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Extend your pleasure beyond life on board enjoying the best luxury activities in Porto Cervo


While your Yacht is anchored, don't miss to discover what more Sardinia and vibrant Costa Smeralda can offer.

A key part of the 2023 season of the hotels managed by Marriott Costa Smeralda  had an extraordinary and renewed offer linked to catering. It starts with "Matsuhisa Cala di Volpe", which from pop up turned into a real permanent restaurant, from  June to September, with Japanese cuisine by Nobu, a name that has gained international fame. The restaurant, confirmed in the Bar Pontile of Cala di Volpe, has been completely renovated, with the inclusion of a bar on the restaurant terrace.  In July 2019 it has also been launched a new refreshment point linked to organic and natural products:  "La Fattoria" offering fruits and vegetables harvested directly from the Cala di Volpe Hotel vegetable garden. Inside the hotel,  a place dedicated to pasta and pizza, located next to the Barbecue area, for a more informal dinner; this is the Cala Beach. Another confirmations for La Pergola in the garden, located in the small central square of Porto Cervo, with a selection of traditional dishes, great classics of Sardinian, national and international cuisine. The collaboration with Novikov, a fusion of Asian and Japanese cuisine, is also renewed. A new format, instead, for Nuna al Sole, which in the small square of Porto Cervo holds the baton of the historic Bar Sole, with an identity that marries two souls: Mediterranean-style breakfasts and dinners with a combined combination of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes .

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Porto Cervo is one of the international jet-set summer destinations and the true heart of the Emerald Coast - "Costa Smeralda". Exclusive parties and the ultimate shining yachts liven up every evening and night of the Coast. It is not difficult to feel attracted by the combination of the natural wonders of its coastline, of la La Maddalena Arcipelago Nat.l Park with the magical sunset vibrations in the most exclusive venues. All, in fact, pass at least once from Porto Cervo. The most renowned brands are present in Costa Smeralda with their flagship stores, art galleries, showrooms, clubs, restaurant, hotels, SPA and much more.



La Scogliera Sardegna



Porto Massimo

La Maddalena Island- Italy

The restaurant "La Scogliera" is located in the spectacular natural setting of Porto Massimo to the north-east of the island of La Maddalena, in the heart of the archipelago, south of the Strait of Bonifacio. The restaurant's reputation is renowned among international guests from all over the world. Its incomparable position is a gift of nature that overlooks the waters of the Costa Smeralda. An impressive location surrounded by nature. The refined cuisine of La Scogliera is inspired by the culture and history of the sea, Sardinia and the Mediterranean. Today, it can be considered one of the most exclusive meeting places in Sardinia, certainly one of the most original in Costa Smeralda.


Open every day from 13.00 to 23.00



Porto Cervo - Italy

Aruanà is the typical Brazilian Churrascaria where you can taste meats strictly cooked on skewers by Gauchos. The origins of this traditional cuisine are very ancient and date back to the 17th century. Over the centuries, this type of preparation has evolved, becoming today the most popular Brazilian dish. The Aruanà is waiting for you to enchant your senses with its magical atmosphere, created by the magnificent garden and the waterfall set among the rocks. Every evening, from April to October, Aruanà offers something unique and different; starting from 20h00 every day, you can enjoy the taste of the authentic Brazilian cuisine, presented by a rich buffet and a selection of high quality meat, cut and served directly to your table by our Gauchos. Live music will be the setting to recreate the magical Brazilian sounds.
Aruanà Churrascaria has been present in the Costa Smeralda since 2003 and has recently moved to Poltu Quatu with all her staff.


Open every day from 20:00 to 01:00

Aruanà Porto Cervo


Phi Beach Club Porto Cervo



Porto Cervo (Baja Sardinia) Italy

Seat back and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world 

Wether you are cruising on your Private Charter or just visiting the Costa Smeralda, you absolutely must not miss the spectacular sunset from the breathtaking setting of Phi Beach. The Phi Beach is an Open Air natural venue, very close to Porto Cervo (8 km) and Poltu Quatu (4 km). Its sheltered position is situated along a stretch of coast set among the rocks shaped by the sea and the wind. Phi Beach visitors are welcome to anchoring their yacht in the water front area. The Club Tender Shuttle service is always available. During the Summer season it is reccomended to reserve a table either  for pre-dinner aperitivo, restaurant or after dinner parties. Should you have reached the Phi Beach by boat at the end of your charter, just relax, once you feel it is time to leave, we will arrange a V class transfer back to your Hotel, Harbour or Home.

Open every day

Club open till 00:00

Lunch  1.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Dinner 7.45 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.


Porto Cervo - Italy

Porto Cervo is the pearl and the glamour center of the Costa Smeralda, is the home of the summer nightlife, design, art , fashion and the main center of  a wide selection of starred restaurants, dedicated to Sardinian and international flavors. Every year, starting from June, Porto Cervo and its Promenade du Port become the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda. The Promenade is the setting of a colourful life center for brands and boutique that offer unique products to a demanding and high profile international clientele. A walk in progress of ideas, art, design, fashion, style and culture. The rich offer of concept stores, restaurants, international art galleries, are well liaised with the Promenade style  of originality and authenticity.

Promenade du Port Porto Cervo


Waterfront Village Porto Cervo
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