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Late Evening at the Coastal City of Sain




If you choose to start visiting Corsica from the north, Saint Florent will certainly be your first destination. The Gulf of Saint Florent holds some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, set in a breathtaking landscape. What makes the elegant and intimate town of Saint Florent such a popular destination is its sobriety and privacy that make it a pleasant destination for V.I.P. and celebrities who choose a vacation away from the spotlight. Saint Florent is located in one of the most charming bays in the Mediterranean which, like many other Corsican towns, preserves ancient historical heritages that have marked the history of the island. In addition to pleasant moments in contact with the natural beauties that surround Saint Florent, at the end of a relaxing day at sea, you cannot miss one of the most pleasant walks along the seafront spending a nice evening in the lively marina located right in the heart of the village. In the cool hours of the afternoon, you can end your day walking along the pleasant promenade among charming shops, typical restaurants and wine bars.





From Saint Florent, sailing south-east along the lush forests of the Corsican coast, you will reach Calvi. The first glimpse of the city is very suggestive, you will be greeted by the high orange ramparts perched on the cliff. The Gulf of Calvi, surrounded by mountains, has a beautiful 5 km long white sand beach. Its tourist port and marina are protected by the famous Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century. In the evening, once you land in the marina with your yacht, do not miss a pleasant promenade through the streets of lovely Calvi. If you are a connoisseur of good food, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the typical restaurants of the town. The elegant city is home to numerous private charter superyachts, giving the area the feel of a sophisticated French resort. The main beach, 4.5 km long and bordered by a pine forest, begins at the entrance to the port and extends along the entire bay of Calvi. It is a beach suitable for families and, thanks to more than fifty meters of shallow water, it is a real kingdom for children! Do not miss a visit to the Scandola Nature Reserve that you will find along your route to the south after leaving Calvi.

Girolata and Piana.jpeg




From Calvi, heading south, the island's landscapes will show you their most varied colors. You will sail along a stretch of coast of a few miles, which represents the Scandola Nature Reserve, one of the UNESCO heritage sites not to be missed, until you reach the Gulf of Girolata which will literally leave you speechless. You will certainly not mind spending a night in Girolata, a place rarely touched by man, reachable only on foot or by boat. It is a very small seaside village of just 15 residents; the specialty of Girolata fishermen is lobster fishing. Continuing from Girolata towards the south, you will reach the Gulf of Porto, surrounded by the Scandola Reserve to the north and the endless inlets of Piana to the south, also a UNESCO protected heritage site. For those wishing to discover some of the most striking scenery of the mainland, the Col de la Croix offers a walk of about 4 hours round trip from which to admire fantastic views across the bay.

Sunset over popular tourist destination




After your breakfast, find a comfortable area on your yacht and admire the beauty of the coast while sailing towards the Gulf of Ajaccio. Leaving Capo Girolata behind, you will touch the magnificence of Capo Rosso and its breathtaking coast. In the stretch of coast between Capo Rosso da Ajaccio, you will bow to some of the most suggestive coves and beaches, and touch the small and ancient Greek town of Cargese. Coming from the North, the gateway to the Gulf of Ajaccio is guarded by one of the most spectacular natural wonders of Corsica: the Iles Sanguinaires (The Blood Islands). The Iles Sanguinaires Archipelago is made up of four islets of dark red porphyry, hence the name. The distinctive lighthouse, dating back to 1870, stands on the highest point of the Grande Île (Big Island), 80 meters above sea level. The beauty of this magical place reveals all its splendor during the sunset. A few miles east of the Iles Sanguinaires archipelago, you will reach Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica and the birthplace of Emperor Napoleon I. The old town with its typical colorful houses is full of boutiques, bars and restaurants with sunny patios and has a very nice market full of local specialties. Ajaccio has a large number of fine sandy beaches with crystal clear water which are the ideal playground for all kinds of water sports.




Continuing beyond the Gulf of Ajaccio, towards the south, exactly halfway between the two main towns of Corsica, Ajaccio and Bonifacio, you will find Propriano, a small town located on the coast of southwestern Corsica, in the innermost part of the Gulf of Valinco. The wide slopes of the gulf that embrace Propriano are scattered with pristine beaches, mountain villages and archaeological sites. Propriano, with its typical tourist port, is a small and lively village, populated by just over 3,000 residents with Greek, Pisan and Turkish origins. A beach club lifestyle is very common in Propriano along with a choice of bars, clubs and restaurants. Along the shores of the entire Gulf, the countless hidden bays are free and the ideal place where to set a private function together with your family and friends. Among Corsican destinations, it represents a renowned seaside resort. It offers the perfect combination of a holiday surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, magnificent and endless beaches and a holiday where you can practice any leisure activity. If you decide to extend your stay in Propriano, just 20 minutes by road from the village, you can enjoy some special moments at the Bagno di Caldane, a natural site of sulphurous waters with therapeutic properties that flow at a temperature of 38 ° C.




During your yacht charter itinerary, an overnight stop in the lively tourist port of Bonifacio is absolutely recommended. As soon as you reach the far southern stretch of the island, you will be greeted by an unusual and different coastline and your gaze will be literally attracted by its particular striking landscape and by the imposing white cliffs of Bonifacio. As you cruise past the majestic cliffs through a narrow passage, the hidden natural harbor of Bonifacio will suddenly appear. Bonifacio is one of the Corsican cities most influenced by Italy. After your arrival, a break on the mainland and lunch at one of the popular restaurants in the city is worthwhile; definitely the La Caravelle restaurant is not to be missed. The long quay of the pretty marina where your yacht will be moored, offers a pleasant evening promenade between exclusive shops and restaurants, lively clubs and bars, extraordinary architecture and the most luxurious yachts visiting Bonifacio. The old town is perched right on the peaks of massive rocky slopes from where you can admire a breathtaking view on the open sea. The charm of the cobbled streets makes Bonifacio a wonderful place to explore.





You absolutely must go ashore on Lavezzi Island and enjoy the various paths that connect the beaches and coves of the four sides of the island to discover the magnificent crystal clear water beaches and large granite rocks that slope down to the shore. Achiarina beach is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing away from the crowds. Chiesa beach is known for being the most beautiful in the archipelago with its turquoise waters perfect for swimming. As a small archipelago they are considered of great beauty and extraordinary naturalistic value. Lavezzi also hosts 2 marine cemeteries where more than 800 sailors and soldiers rest, who died in the Sémillante shipwreck in 1855.
The rocks of Lavezzi are divided from the nearby and splendid island of Cavallo by a narrow rocky passage.
Cavallo is the only inhabited island of the archipelago and is home to many celebrities who own a villa on this island. The only hotel on the island, the Hotel & SPA Des Pêcheurs is a renowned destination where you will be delighted by delicious fish cuisine in one of the most incredible and striking venues in the Mediterranean. In the end, the island of Piana cannot be missed; an uninhabited island located three hundred meters from Corsica, reachable from your yacht at anchor only thanks to a shallow sand bank that divides it from the mainland. A real kingdom for children!!

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