Create you customized itineraries

As soon as your Personal Broker has arranged your preferences, you will be one step away from boarding your holiday.

Wether you are about commencing a multiple days charter or a single day trip around the wonders of Sardinia, Corsica or any other Mediterranean destinations you wish to visit, you will be addressed to one of our Charter Assistant.

Once the charter agreement has been finalised, your Dedicate Broker will liaise with the Captain of your yacht providing all the details of your Customized Itineraries. 

Your broker, not only will help you creating your favorite Destination program, but will also take care of your preference list and that of your family and guests. 

He will pay particular attention to any Dietary Needs you are please asked to make.  We will be taking care of any specific request of food intolerance, gluten free diet, food allergies, religious meals and kids preferences, by making sure meals prepared on board or delivered by our gourmet and catering supplier partner or Restaurants, will safely meet your requirements.    

While sailing across the wonders of the Northern Sardinian coasts, among the breathtaking Islands of the Arcipelago of La Maddalena, or wishing to visit the beauties of Southern Corsica coves, old ports and its Islands, it is recommended not to miss at least one stop in one of the many Restaurants scattered along the coasts of the archipelago and beyond.

Extra Water Toys or Sport Sessions, are often appreciated by our guests. We strongly recommend to check with your broker the availability of additional equipments and to make your reservation on time.


Porto Cervo, the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is one of the international jet-set summer destinations and the true heart of the Emerald Coast - "Costa Smeralda". Exclusive parties and the ultimate shining yachts liven up every evening and night of the Coast. It is not difficult to feel attracted by the combination of the natural wonders of its coastline, of la La Maddalena Arcipelago Nat.l Park with the magical sunset vibrations in the most exclusive venues. All, in fact, pass at least once from Porto Cervo. The most renowned brands are present in Costa Smeralda with their flagship stores, showrooms, clubs and restaurant.

Porto Cervo & Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda, in Sardinia, is certainly one of the busiest and most fashionable summer destinations in our country: for the presence of many islands, for its seabed and its small bays it is particularly suitable for navigation and for boaters who they will have the certainty of experiencing a different sunset every evening

The Costa Smeralda extends geographically from Capo Testa to the island of Tavolara. The ports equipped in this area are very numerous, for the most part well inserted in the landscape, born and expanded in the last thirty years due to the high turnout of boaters especially in the summer period.

The Marina of Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo Marina is one of the Mediterranean's best equipped and most welcoming ports. It consists of the East Dock, also known as the Old Port, which is part of the village of Porto Cervo, and the New Marina with its modern poontons at the Marina Village. Renowned for the highly efficient and skilled service it offers, Porto Cervo Marina boasts a total of 700, 100 of which are boats in transit. All berths have water and electricity supplies. This site offers a complete list of the services available at the Marina and in the Villaggio.

The tranquillity of Cala di Volpe

The bay of Cala di Volpe and its harbor, represent one of the most suggestive corners of the 35 km of coastline of the Costa Smeralda. After sunset, the splendid Cala di Volpe Bay turns into an amazing stage where the lights of the yachts at anchor are the backdrop to one of the most amazing scenarios.
The Cala di Volpe bay and its Fox Mooring buoy field offer the best shelter and one of the most exciting places to spend at least one night of your holidays.



Wether you are about commencing a multiple days charter or a single day trip around the wonders of Sardinia and Corsica, once the charter agreement has been finalised, together we will:

- plan the Itineraries, we will liaise with with the Captain

- plan the preference list, according to any special need or food intolerance or allergies (Wine list, spirits, food, private lessons, scuba sessions or any other available activity guests wish to join )

- plan meals on board and/or those at some of the restaurants around the islands of La Maddalena National Park, Corsica (definitely one stop in Bonifacio is recommended), Lavezzi islands and/or Costa Smeralda (Sardinian mainland which is as stunning as the Maddalena Nat’l Park Islands) and, off course, at night time, you won’t be missing some of the many Restaurant in Porto Cervo and Poltu Quatu.

- Restaurants and clubs bookings. 

-Guests food and beverage list will be delivered to the crew, prior the guests arrival on board.

However, fresh food such as fruits, seafoods, pastry etc, will be freshly purchased daily by the crew in the harbour you will be located time by time.

 All extras, such as fuel, food and wine list, docking fees in harbours other then the main home port, will have to be covered by the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) in terms of 30% of the charter rate.

Guests can ask the Captain evidence of the cost incurred at any time during the charter.

At the end of the charter, prior to disembark, the Captain will release a statement and copies of the related receipts paid till then together with the balance due. 

 Regarding the destinations i would suggest and recommend:


Main Costa Smeralda and South of Corsica Destinations.



Regarding Corsica, reaching Bonifacio from La Maddalena it normally takes 45/60 mins. 

Both the Harbors of Bonifacio, Piana Island, Lavezzi or Cavallo are surely worth a visit.  (Group of islands belonging to Corsica, very close from Bonifacio, approx 25 mins South-East)

After having spent the morning swimming, relaxing or enjoying any of your favourite activities you can stop in the Harbour of Bonifacio. Wether you like to have lunch on board or at some of the restaurants  (La Caravelle Restaurant is really worth) it is nice to walk off the boat for a pleasant promenade and stop for a drink in one of the many bars along the dock or in the upper old town of Bonifacio. 

However, should Corsica be the destination of one of your multiple days journey or of your single day charter, you may also consider some of the following additional destinations:



  • Bonifacio (Town and harbour)

  • Piana Island and Cala Longa

  • Lavezzi Is

  • Cavallo Is

  • Santa Manza Bay

  • Santa Giulia Bay

  • Porto Vecchio



 Porto Cervo- Costa Smeralda attractions:


Wether you are boating or just visiting the Costa Smeralda, you defined must not  miss the spectacular sunset in the “unbelievably marvelous ” location of the Phi Beach (one of the most beautiful Clubs on the water in the WORLD, really!)

please visit the Phi Beach web page:

Suggestion: anchoring the yacht right in front of the Phi Beach: we will mange to pick you up with the Club Tender. Guests are welcome to chose from either reserving a table for the Sunset aperitif, stop for dinner time at the Phi Beach "pied dans l’eau” restaurant or simply stand at the bar with your drink admiring the sunset. 

Should you fancy to reach the club after a full day boating, I suggest to split drink and dinner at Phi Beach into two different days. 

Phi Beach is very close from Porto Cervo (8 km) and Poltu Quatu (4 km). Once you feel to go back home, we can arrange a V class transfer for you and your guests.

In La Maddalena I would also suggest at least one lunch or dinner (or both in different days - it is both nice at day time and at night time) at the La Scogliera Restaurant (preferably a water front table). iIt is possible to visit the Restaurant web page at:


Opposite to Maddalena it is undoubtedly worth visiting and stop swimming and relaxing in the wonder of Cala Coticcio bay in the Caprera Island.

 On the same day, after lunch time it is pleasant to slowly cruise and admire the beauties around Caprera Islands, leading to the near La Maddalena Is. Once there, not dropping the anchor in one of the unnumbered bay for the second part of the day.

Afterwards, it is possible to cruise back to your home port for dinner (very close trip back, 20 mins).

Once back in harbour, should someone like meat food, among the many restaurants in Poltu Quatu and Porto Cervo, I feel to suggest the “Aruanà” Brasilian Restaurant  very nice location, food and wine list. Pleasant walking distance from the boat dock.  

 Should you be interested in any sport activities, it would be suitable to discuss about it in advance with your broker: with regards to any kind of Water Sports such as water ski, wake board and so on, Fabrizio is our Qualified Federal instructor partner. He is equipped with professional equipments and specific and certified power boats. 

On board there isn’t any diving equipment, which is available on request. Only courtesy snorkeling gears: Gogles, tubes, fins.

Should someone be rather interested in diving, my suggestion is to experience one diving session or a short PADI course with our recommended PADI Diving Center. 

 The above list is a selection of attractions and activities which can easily be combined together according to your prefernces. Should there be anything in particular you would love to do, please just let us know and I will be pleased to assist you.

However, the following list of the main attractive destinations around Costa Smeralda and La MAddalena National Park, are those you can consider to visit:

La Maddalena Arcipelago Islands:

  • Porto Massimo

  • Cala Garibaldi

  • Giardinelli

  • Cala Corsara

  • Cala Caprese

  • Cala Napoletana

  • Cala Spalmatore

  • Santa Maria Island

  • Spiaggia del Cavaliere

  • The Pink Beach (Budelli Island)

  • Porto della Madonna (In the middle between the 3 islands of Santa Maria, Razzoli and Budelli)

  • Mortorio Island (MUST)

  • Soffi


Porto Cervo - Costa Smeralda (Sardinia Mainland)


  • Capriccioli

  • Spiaggia del Principe

  • Long Beach (this is located next to the Cala di Volpe bay which is a location i would also recommend to stop at the buoy for one night. You can google for images  “ Rada di Cala di Volpe”)

  • Pevero bay and Pevero Beach

  • Cala Razza di Junco (Reef Beach Club and Restaurant)


Please don’t forget that any kind of sport and ground activities are also available: Tennis, Golf (the Pevero Golf Club is a real jewel for Golfers or even just for a nice aperitif at the end of the day, just before dinner), Biking, Hiking, Jogging, Paddle and so on.

The Pevero Health Trail is nice to visit for both work out sessions or just for nice walks in a wonderful environment:

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